Welcome to Kingdom Pearl.

By Uganda, for Uganda

Kingdom Pearl was founded in Kampala, Uganda and in 2005, moved north to Rackoko, Uganda with the goal of empowering community members to build the town they envisioned, not the town they saw. Kingdom Pearl’s support comes from many sources, but it’s vision is cast and implemented primarily by the members of the community in Rackoko. This community-wide commitment to growth has allowed Kingdom Pearl to make gains against the negativity and hopelessness which was present after the violent conflict in Northern Uganda.


Seeing Northern Uganda

Over the last few months, Kingdom Pearl has noticed something in Rackoko and Northern Uganda… People here can’t see very well. After discussing the issue with some local leaders and assessing the needs of the region, we decided that in order for people to succeed, they must first be able to see and that vision […]

To Train and Equip

To Improve Access

To Bring Equality